Summer Solstice

Photo Courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography


Summer is here, officially. Summer, to me, is drinking iced tea and being outside until dark. It is sweating in the barn and eating ice cream on the weekends. Summer is when all the colors of nature are alive. I can sit and watch the birds, or listen to a summer thunderstorm. The animals shed out their old coats and grow in a new one. We can do this to.

Summer is a time to shed that old coat of depression or anger or whatever negative thought you have been carrying around with you. Why should we do this now? Because we have time. Yes, we are all running around just as much as during the rest of the year, but we have a moment to breathe because the days are literally longer and the evenings are more inviting. We don’t have the sense of needing to cocoon ourselves from the world. But rather we can embrace it. Each season, we get the opportunity to refresh ourselves. What are you doing to refresh yourself this summer season?

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