Thanks to all of our Supporters

Thanks to Courtney Lang and her supporters for an outstanding fundraiser. They donated enough money to provide 50 group therapy sessions to children who could not afford it.

Stephanie Baker, Dr. Anita Bennett, Jewelyn Dicello, Barbara Horcher, Marlen Läng, Shellah Buse, Cindy Schafer, Susanna Grant, Amy Rabadam, Nancy Lang, Bonnie Hamilton and Blumen Garten Florist, Suzi Campbell and Gallery Art Center, Gena Grant and Gena’s Cheesecakes, Carla Pialota of Cibo, Shelia Ballard of Express Tan, Amy Rothe-Hietter of Southwind Stables, Cindy Tovell, Christine Michael, Deborah Johnson, Christine France, Susan Dunlap, Karen Logan, Courtney Brownlee, Kay Hoagland, Dr. Timothy O. March, Jen Walker and the Diamond Cellar, Diana Snyder, Susan Craig, Kay Shields, Rebecca Stewart, Mary Jo Deerwester, Jane Karras, Joann Paoletti Riepenhoff, Celeste Schultz, Barbara Herzog, Beth Aufrance-Bish, Bridgette Mariotti, Christine Gibson, Elizabeth Germain, Marisa Webb, and Janet Snyder.

The Edward Maddy Memorial Fund

In support of the Therapeutic Horse Management Program to train teens and young adults in job skills.

Amerititle East, Anderson Concrete Corp., Brent Stamm, Cathy and Tina Peterfish, Contingental Realty, Creekside Chiropractic Center – Dr. Jody Cooley, Deborah Kohman, Donald and Addie Gray, EMH&T, Inc., Faye and Henry Davenport, Friends at Meadow Brook – Carrie, Connie, Annie, Gretchen, Kathy and Anne-Claire, H. C. Weber Excavating, Insight Bank, Janet and Charles Rees, SR., John and Arlene Peterson, John Eramo & Sons, Inc., Nancy Maddy, Pamela and Paul Olson, Peck Martin, CPA’s, Inc., Robert and Megan Roshon, Schneider Insurance Agency – Tom Schneider, Tata Excavating, William and Mary Susan Westbrook.

In Honor

  • In honor of Regal and Nichole
  • In honor of Abby Botts – Brandy Wheeler
  • In Memory of Richard Ritchison – his daughter, Barbara Cox
  • In memory of Bling, a wonderful horse, great with kids and loved by Sue Steiner and family – Glenda Childress
  • In honor of Lois Szudy – Otterbein University
  • In honor of “Rocky” – C. H. Simpson
  • In honor of Patty and Phil Metzger – Lyn Green
  • In honor of Rocky – Marilyn Boyd
  • In honor of Lyn Green – her work group at Nationwide
  • In honor of Glenda Childress – Diane Bailor
  • In honor of Lyn Green – Constance Green; Garry and Deb Green
  • In honor of Glenda and Holly – Kelly Galindo
  • In honor of Valeri Pervo – Sherrie & Dave Weitzenhoff

Foundation and Corporate Grants

  • The Harry C. Moores Foundation supporting 48 group sessions of the APONY program at Ohio School for the DEAF.
  • McDonald Owner/Operators of Central Ohio, Inc supporting our CONNECT Program.
  • Ronald McDonald Charities Global Ofices supporting our CONNECT Program.
  • The Harry C. Moores Foundation supporting 120 sessions of the EXCEL Program.
  • The John Charles Sharon Fund of the Columbus Foundation supportting 50 sessions of the CONNECT Program.

Our Generous Sponsors

  • Sponsoring Clark the therapy cat for the 2nd year – Jody Cattell
  • Sponsoring Eddie the donkey for the 2nd year – Brenda Doner
  • Sponsoring Spock the donkey for the 2nd year – Spock’s biggest Fan.

Members of Our Founders’ Circle (Donating $500 or more)

Families / Individuals

  • Jeanne and Larry Baker
  • William F and Jeanne Marie Baker
  • Maria Calderone
  • Bill Decker
  • Cindy Decker and Jeff Frontz
  • Lyn Green
  • Christy List
  • Nancy Maddy
  • Sandy Maddy
  • Bob and Janet Procida
  • Terrence and Patricia Ryan
  • C. H. Simpson
  • Lois Szudy

Businesses / Organizations

  • American Electric Power
  • Crane Group
  • Equine Veterinary Dental Services
  • Finer Things Farm and Robin Strait
  • ITW Foundation
  • McClain Development
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Peck & Martin, CPAs, Inc
  • Pope Family Foundation
  • Rain One, Inc
  • Rolland & Associates Nationwide Insurance
  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • United Way of Licking County Donor Designation Fund

Members of Our Builders’ Circle (Donating $250 – $500)

Families / Individuals

  • Elizabeth Carter and HK McDonell
  • Ashley Childress
  • Paul and Mary Chory
  • Jon and Linda Heidenreich
  • Sheena Little Helm
  • William Keaney
  • John and Karen Lackey
  • Wallace Lanci
  • Elizabeth Martinsen
  • Peter Meuse
  • William Peters and Janell Dixon
  • Melissa Pipppin
  • Julie Reiswig
  • Barbara Soukup
  • David and Tess Wiggington

Businesses / Organizations

  • Banner Insurance Services
  • Licking Memorial Hospital
  • Lubrizol Foundation
  • The Energy Cooperative
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Meijer
  • Ottinger and Associates, LLC
  • Sputtering Target Manufacturing Company
  • Weiler Financial Inc.

Members of Our Sustainers’ Circle (Donating $100 – $250)

Families / Individuals

  • Jil Anderson
  • Patty Arehart
  • Diane Bailor
  • Bev Baker
  • Daniel and Judy Bear
  • Donald and Karen Brough
  • Jayne and Richard Buckwalter
  • Tom and Patti Burkett
  • Nancy Carney
  • Jody Cattell
  • Jennifer Chupka
  • Barbara Cox
  • Stefani Day
  • Laura Dempsey
  • Brittny Erdy
  • Bryan Gadd
  • David Ungar and Katherine Gaylord
  • Connie Green
  • James and Portia Hanson
  • Scott and Debbie Harris
  • Marlan Howarth
  • Diane Jedlicka
  • Holly Jedlicka
  • Stephen Manos
  • Lisa M. Keder and William Pohlman
  • Judith Kilbury
  • Vassilka Kirova
  • Dorothy Kluesener
  • Deborah Kohman
  • R.S. Krutko and V.L. Pero
  • Dianthia Lowry
  • Justin D. McCoy
  • Kenneth and Sandra Nessing
  • Sharon Nichols
  • John and Arlene Peterson
  • Tess Philipps
  • Alice Rayola
  • Janet and Charles Rees, Sr.
  • Rebecca Ries
  • Robert and Elizabeth Rolland
  • Kelli Schwall
  • Mary Sommer
  • Brent Stamm
  • Linda Welch
  • Janelle Whiteman
  • Kathy Wickes
  • Linda S. Wiegand

Businesses / Organizations

  • Amerititle East
  • Byers Automotice
  • Cardinal Health
  • Continental Realty
  • Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton, Inc.
  • Jane Marland Salons
  • John Eramo & Sons, Inc
  • McGraw-Hill Gahanna Community Services Committee
  • Park National Bank
  • Pet Resort at Willow Wood
  • Tata Excavating
  • United Way of Central Ohio Donor Designation Fund
  • Waterfire Columbus


Families / Individuals

  • Angela Barclay
  • Jana Bennett
  • Marilyn Boyd
  • Renee Buchele
  • Lora Brown
  • David and Karen Clancy
  • Thomas B Conner
  • Faye and Henry Davenport
  • Brooke Erdy
  • David Duvall and Stephen Manos
  • Suzannah Dunbar
  • Todd Erdy
  • John & Claudia Esslinger
  • Frank Finelli
  • Kelly Galindo
  • Donald & Addie Gray
  • Garret Green
  • Pamela Hamilton
  • Pat Hartman
  • Dr. Laura Hill
  • Wendy Hovey
  • Becky Kiefel
  • Mary Pat Knight
  • Mary Komives
  • Bruce Mandeville
  • Patti MacManus
  • Lindsay Malley
  • Sally Shaffer
  • Tony Mughan
  • Margaret R. Muphy
  • Terri Ogburn
  • Pamela and Paul Olson
  • Cathy and Tina Peterfish
  • Anne Prince
  • Gary Reiswig
  • Robert and Megan Roshon
  • Karen Schirmer
  • Rhonda Schottentein
  • Margaret Snyder
  • Toni Turk
  • Tom and Dee Vernon
  • Jenny Watson
  • Jill Wendorf
  • William and Mary Susan Westbrook
  • Ellen Williams

Businesses / Organizations

  • Anderson Concrete Corp.
  • B&G Feeds
  • Bay Crest Equestrian Team
  • Columbus Pet Expo
  • Columbus Pet Pages and Joanne Wiesman
  • Creekside Chiropractic Center – Dr. Jody Cooley
  • Insight Bank
  • Kalmbach Feeds, Inc
  • Paley For Columbus
  • Planet Green
  • Schneider Insurance Agency
  • Verizon