Talk Saves Lives-Risk Factors for Suicide

As we continue our discussion about suicide, let’s talk about some of the risk factors that may be involved in a person wishing to take their own life.

A person struggling with a mental health issue, chronic pain or a substance abuse disorder is at higher risk of committing suicide. That does not mean that all people with these issues might feel suicidal, but it does increase their risk.

A person experiencing a stressful life events, such as a death, divorce, or job loss is at higher risk of suicide. Prolonged stress factors, such as bullying, relationship problems or unemployment increase the risk of suicide. Access to a means to commit suicide, such as a bridge, firearm, or drugs, increases a person’s risk, along with exposure to another person’s suicide or sensationalized accounts of suicide.

Previous suicide attempts or a family history of suicide also increase risk.

These risk factors are things to notice about your family, friends and even yourself.

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