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What is it about the arts that is so inspiring to so many of us? We might not even understand the art we are looking at, but we still want to talk about it and still find it interesting. After living with an artist for the past few years, I’ve learned that is the point. Art is to allow expression that creates thought and conversation. This can come in many forms including painting, sculpting, music, theater, dance, and the list goes on.

This is precisely why we periodically hold art workshops. Riding horses can be a form of art, but we have found that being in this environment can be powerful even for people who aren’t interested in the animals. Our job is to help people have growth experiences, so we couldn’t leave art out of the mix. Our art workshops are designed to help people have an experience in this beautiful farm setting. It gets them out of their comfort zone and our resident artist, Anissa Kasarjian can make anyone feel good about their final product, no matter what it ends up looking like.

We would love to share the farm with you in our Art In Nature workshop. We could all use a little “me” time. We can all use a little art. And we can all use a little reconnecting with nature.

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