We’ve all heard it before: Life is a Journey. Well, that sentiment is loaded with truth. I was talking to someone today who was talking about her perspective 30 years ago as a teenager, and then now as an adult. She said with her perspective now, she was able to ride through the difficult times by just being in them and trusting they will pass. She said she knew from experience that they would pass and she’d come out on the other side.

Sometimes young people don’t have that perspective. And they sure don’t believe those of us who have been around long enough to have that wisdom. So they flounder. It is hard sometimes when they push us away to keep reaching out to them. Sometimes the mistake we make is trying to share our wisdom with them and forgetting that they can’t really see the other side of the difficult time. Sometimes it is best to ask what they need and then listen, without trying to guide them. When we are at the 17th year of our journey, things look very different from when we are at our 7th or 47th or 87th. If we can remember that and use our wisdom to help support each other on our very times of our very different journeys, we will be able to offer support that feels like support instead of judgement.

Remember sometimes we just need to have the wisdom to listen rather than to teach. Sometimes that is the best guidance we can offer.

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