What We Provide

  • Diagnostic assessments to provide the best possible treatment.
  • A team approach in collaboration with parents, schools and referral sources.
  • Scholarships for those who do not have adequate insurance coverage, PASSS Funding or other funding.
  • Services to all youth and families in need.
  • A minimal waiting list.

Who We Serve

  • Youth ages 6 and up.
  • Youth with mental health diagnoses.
  • Youth with behavioral and/or emotional issues.
  • Youth struggling in traditional therapy settings.
  • Foster families and post-adoptive families.
  • Military families.
  • Deaf families.

Mission - Values - Bylaws

Our Mission

PBJ Connections provides professional behavioral health therapy for children, adults and families through horses, counseling and nature.

Our Corporate Values

  • We work for our clients and their families and we commit to provide them with competent, effective and professional mental health and behavioral therapy.
  • We follow state licensing boards’ codes of professionalism and ethics.
  • We are welcoming to families and clients of all descriptions and all abilities to pay.
  • Our horses are treated well, kept from danger, and only work in sessions when they are approved for duty by the Equine Specialist.

PBJ Connections ByLaws (Adobe PDF)