Veterans Groups and Free Therapy

Volunteer with other veterans and first responders at the barn with our therapy horses. Reach out to or 740-924-7543 to confirm dates and RSVP.



PBJ Connections is committed to saving veteran’s lives and making every effort to make our programs accessible. In our equine (horse) assisted psychotherapy program we are uniquely able to address the needs of veterans in nature with horses. In this program, our staff of Mental Health Professionals and Equine Specialists have received the Eagala Military Designation to serve our local veterans with the greatest care and knowledge. Veterans are eligible for grant funding through the VA and Eagala Military Services Grant. We are also able to accept Tricare health insurance.


At this time we have grant funding to provide 8 free equine assisted therapy sessions to veterans. Reach out to or 740-924-7543 to get started.


In addition, veterans and their families are welcome into our individual and family therapy programs which include office therapy, telehealth or equine (horse) assisted psychotherapy. We have also partnered with Finally Home Farm to provide additional programming.


To sign up, email or call (740) 924-7543