We offer Eagala-model equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) to children, adults and families. Clients learn how their behaviors impact their feelings and the feelings of others, while learning skills they need to cope with their situation. EAP helps clients externalize what they are struggling with and have an experience around it, rather than just talking about it.

An initial intake will determine if the client is best suited for individual, family or group therapy.

Individual and Family sessions are scheduled directly with a therapist based on the schedule needs of the individual participants. Individual and family sessions can run from a single session to ongoing sessions, depending on the need of the client. It is common for some sessions to be only with the client and some to involve other family members.


We offer EAP services at the following locations:

PBJ Dressage in Pataskala

Taco Bella Farm in Johnstown

The Ohio State Equine Center in Dublin

Payment and Funding Information