Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Community Rewards Program allows PBJ Connections to earn funds when you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Card. Kroger has donated over $5000.00 to PBJ Connections and with your help, we can continue to see this number grow.

Once you have registered your Kroger Plus Card as supporting PBJ Connections, whenever you shop using your Kroger Plus Card, PBJ Connections receives a donation from Kroger. It is simple to sign up. Go to and select Ohio. From that page you can read about the program and sign your card up to support PBJ Connections.

Our Kroger Community Rewards NPO Number is 82259. If you have any problem navigating your way through the Kroger web page, contact us and we will send you step by step instructions.

iGive Program

Help PBJ Connections when you do on-line searches or when you shop on line. A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to PBJ Connections. This program allows many retail companies to help nonprofits like ours in reward for you shopping with them.

Searching or shopping means a donation. is safe, it is easy to sign up, and it is a great way to help PBJ Connections.

Sign up on now.

EQUUS Now! Frequent Buyer Program

PBJ Connections is honored to be part of the Equus Now! Frequent Buyer program. By designating PBJ Connections to recieve your shopping rewards, we receive 10% of your purchases when shopping at Equus Now! Contact the wonderful people at Equus Now! and tell them you want to support PBJ Connections. Once you have signed up, they do the rest and we get the rewards. To date we have received over $500.00 in product support from Equus Now! and the Frequent Buyer program.

Triple Crown / Tribute Horse Feeds Partners Program

  • Triple Crown Partners Program donates $.35 to PBJ Connections for each Triple Crown bag proof of purchase that we collect and send to them.
  • Tribute Horse Feeds Partners Program donates $.25 to PBJ Connections for each Tribute bag proof of purchase that we collect send them.

If you feed either of these great horse feeds, we would be grateful if you would collect the the proof of purchases and mail them to us for redemption.

This are great programs that are providing us good financial support and we hope you can help.