PBJ@Work is offered to work groups, social groups and teams of all descriptions. Using targeted activities on the ground with horses your team will be immersed in an interactive learning experience. With immediate feedback from our equines and the guidance of our staff your team will leave with an enhanced understanding of the skills that foster success.

Invest in Success

This type of team building is important because it gives people the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone.
Morgan Hembree - Integrated Leadership Systems

We have flexible packages for all sizes of teams and visits ranging from a few hours to a full day!

All activities are non-riding and sessions are customized to meet the needs of your team.

There are established programs to help meet common needs or teams or you can choose to create your own experience

Skillful Communication


The most resilient teams use a variety of communication types to be successful. Empower your team to use their voice as an effective tool for collective success. Practice communication with each other and horses to align body language with verbal cues and engage in active listening.  Learn to use communication to reduce conflict, promote creativity, and improve engagement in your team.

Effective Leadership

Great leaders inspire action and drive success.  Bring more compelling and competitive leadership to your team through targeted activities focused on communication, empowerment and decision making. Horses naturally seek out strong leaders and can give you insight in to the balance of skills it takes to lead a powerful team.

Stress Management

rocky anissa
Stress can inhibit a team’s success by taking a toll on motivation, health and productivity. Horses are naturally skilled in returning to baseline after stress. Let our staff guide you through team building and mindfulness activities to promote success for  your team. Bring a new level of resilience back to work!

Cooperative Problem- Solving

Bring new life to your team’s creative process by breaking out of the box. For teams of innovators, developers and trouble shooters, you can positively impact your collaborative efforts in an afternoon. Confront novel challenges with horses where our staff can guide you in finding solutions and working cooperatively to meet your goal.

Who can benefit from Equine Assisted Professional Development?

We believe that every team can benefit from skill building outside of the office. We have focused modules for teams looking to improve Leadership, Communication, Problem–Solving and Stress Management. We are also open to collaborating to meet your specific needs.

In the past our staff has seen a variety of groups benefit from team building activities; from Girl Scout troops to entire classes of college freshman, health care employees to corporate executives.

Is there horseback riding?

No, PBJ Connections uses the EAGALA Model of personal development which is non-riding. Instead, effective and deliberate techniques are utilized where the horses are metaphors in specific ground based experiences to allow your team to be hands-on with a variety of skill sets. Horses are prey animals that react honestly to their environment 100% of the time. We don’t have a horse that can carry your whole team on its back, but from the ground a horse can react differently to individuals and help build a cohesive picture of unique strengths or weaknesses in the group.

How is PBJ@Work different from other corporate education and team building services?

PBJ Connections offers a compelling and engaging environment to be hands-on with a variety of skill sets. We are able to tailor activities to meet specific needs and give your team the space to find the best solutions. The horses in your session are not only fun to work with but can provide your team with immediate and unbiased feedback. Your team will leave with applicable skills practice and an experience they are not soon to forget.

How will PBJ@Work meet the needs of my team?

Prior to your session, we will have you complete a form to express your goals and concerns. We will customize your session based on the input from team leaders to make your professional development experience uniquely beneficial.

Who will be present in a PBJ@Work session?

Our teams consist of a corporate trainer, a mental health professional, an equine professional and horses.  Our staff are certified in the EAGALA Model – a global standard in equine assisted personal development. Additional staff may be added for larger teams to ensure safety.

How much does a PBJ@Work session cost?

Professional Development sessions start at $75 for 3 hours for a minimum of 15 team members. There may be additional cost for specific locations.

Is PBJ@Work offered year round? What if there is bad weather?

PBJ Connections serves clients all year round. Each of our locations has the ability to host sessions in a covered or indoor environment. These indoor spaces are not temperature controlled, so please plan to dress for the weather.

Where are PBJ@Work sessions located?

We have 2 locations to help meet the needs of your team. Let us help you choose the best fit for you.

PBJ Dressage in Pataskala, OH

Taco Bella Farm in Johnstown, OH

What should we wear to our PBJ@Work session?

You should wear closed toed shoes and weather appropriate clothing. You will be in a barn, so we recommend wearing something you are willing to get dirty.

I am afraid of horses, or I am very familiar with horses; will this session still be effective for me?

Absolutely! If you are afraid of horses, we are confident that you will gain experience with your team and most people reach some level of comfort around our well -mannered therapy animals. We encourage you to participate at a pace that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

If you are familiar with horses then you might be a little ahead of the curve and a great resource for your team. We are not teaching horsemanship, so our activities are novel and challenging to all levels of horse enthusiasts.