Invest in your family’s future with Family Coaching at PBJ Connections.

We offer a robust program for a range of needs fitting families facing transition or conflict to families looking to get ahead. Give your family the advantage of professional staff and a proven curriculum.

PBJ Connections can help your family:

  • Communicate better
  • Create more emotional safety between family members
  • Cope with stress more effectively
  • Understand each other better
  • Manage feelings and behaviors better
  • Problem-solve with each other effectively

During this six-week course, a licensed mental health professional, an equine specialist, and horses will work with you through an equine-assisted learning curriculum. Our staff will work confidentially with your family to meet your individual needs. Sessions last two hours and can be taken individually for $300, or families can pre-register for the total of 12 hours for $1500. All sessions involve individualized equine-assisted learning activities.

Your facilitation team will work on a schedule that is convenient for you.