PBJ Connections provides mental health and behavioral health therapy for youth and families using horses. Some of our clients are displaying behavior problems and some have a mental health diagnosis. Many are having situational difficulties and are looking for a little extra help with problem solving. We welcome your inquiries and will work with you to find the right program for you.

The A PONY Program: This program provides school-based psycho-educational groups to at-risk and high-risk students. We provide a tailored program based on the needs of the individual classrooms. This program is funded through direct contract with local school systems.

The CONNECT Program: Provides Equine-assisted Psychotherapy to Youth, Families and Adults – We offer therapy sessions using horses for youth ages 6-18 and their families. Adult sessions are available to those adults dealing with parenting issues, mental health diagnosis or situational difficulties. Sessions cost $205 and scholarships are available to youth whose families can’t afford to pay. We also accept a variety of funding sources including – PASSS, many private insurance companies, Caresource and Molina.

Family CoachingThis program offers the opportunity for families to invest in their future. During this six-week course families work through a learning plan to help them communicate better, create emotional safety between family members, cope more effectively with stress, understand each other better, manage feelings and behaviors, and problem solve together. Sessions last two hours each for a total of 12 hours of individualized equine-assisted activities. Cost is $1800. Flexible scheduling is available.

The ON MISSION Program:  PBJ Connections partners horses with Veterans to address goals, supports and moving forward in life. This service is free to Franklin County Veterans struggling with substance use through the Access to Recovery Grant. All Veterans are encouraged to apply to this program as we are seeking funding for additional Veteran populations.

PBJ@Work – PBJ Connections offers a rich set of corporate leadership and teamwork options that are suitable for work and social teams of all sizes.

The PEERS Program We offer groups for youth on a quarterly basis. Groups focus on a variety of issues, including communication skills, self-regulation, anger management and grief. Cost is $600 for repeat clients and $660 for new clients. Partial scholarships are available. We also accept a variety of funding sources including PASSS many private insurance companies, Caresource and Molina.

Summer Groups: Each Summer PBJ Connections offers summer groups focused on Communication Skills, Grief and Loss, and Anger Management for ages 8-11 and 12- 15. Youth will participate in 90-minute sessions once per week for eight weeks during summer. The cost is $480 per child.


Equine Assisted Therapy Program Consultation – Thinking of starting your own therapy program? We frequently get phone calls from people wanting to start their own program. PBJ Connections offers one-on-one phone consultations on both the business and the program challenges. Two hour and half-day workshops designed to assist you in starting your business are also available. Please call for pricing and availability.