Our Horses, Donkeys and Farm Friends

PBJ Connections has a great team of animals working with us each day. Meet them and let us know who your favorite is.

Horses are an integral part of our program. They are masters at living in the moment, and since they are prey animals, they are incapable of being dishonest. They all have unique personalities that make each of them suitable for different activities, clients and situations. The horses we use in our program are loved and well cared for. Some are full-time therapy horses and others work with us part time.

We also work with several donkeys. Donkeys have the reputation of being stubborn, but in fact they are quite intelligent and think before acting. Their small size can sometimes make them more approachable, but they leave an impact just as big!

It costs almost $4000 a year to care for each horse and we rely on the generosity of private benefactors to pay these costs.

Therapy Horses

Therapy Donkeys

Farm Friends