Why support us? We are local. Nearly 100% of your donation goes directly to programming. We provide over 1500 client hours annually, serving over 150 individual youth annually. We provide a unique and effective community service. Our policy is to serve clients regardless of their ability to pay.

We invite you to explore your options.

How your support helps

  • $20,500 provides 10 equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions for 10 families.
  • $5,500 amount of therapy scholarships provided each month.
  • $3,600 sends a group of 10 kids to sessions through school-based programs.
  • $2,050 gives one child or family 10 equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions.
  • $600 sponsors one child in a group therapy program.
  • $400 provides the care for one therapy animal for one month.
  • $205 gives one child or family a private therapy session.

We offer many ways to accept your support.

Our thanks go to our many supporters who share our passion for our programs.

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