Helping Horses Help Kids & Others 2022

This year we are planning a Therapy Horse Derby and an in person event.

The Therapy Horse Derby Kicks Off on July 1st. 

Save the date for our in person event on Thursday, September 1st. More details to be announced soon.

If you can’t wait to sponsor, reach out to our Development Director, Nichelle Atkinson, at to secure your support today.



2021 Therapy Horse Derby


Thank you to our sponsors, donors, team captains, therapy animals and supporters of all kinds for helping us exceed our Helping Horses Help Kids & Others goal.


With individual donations and event sponsors we raised nearly $100,000 to support our mission!


Hitting this goal was critical to our mission, as this event normally funds about a quarter of our annual budget. Our 14th Annual Helping Horses Help Kids Charity Event embodied our ‘new normal’ of fundraising virtually and hosting an outdoor in person event in the aftermath of a pandemic that increased the need for our mental health services.


Where the Money Goes 

PBJ Connections provides professional behavioral health therapy to children, adults and families through horses, counseling and nature. We commit to serving all who need mental health services, regardless of their ability to pay. As a locally operated non-profit, nearly all funds raised go directly to providing programming.  The teams are named for our therapy animals to generate a fun “horse race” atmosphere but the animals themselves do not receive the funding as they are already cared for by private owners!


Congratulations to the winning 2021 Therapy Animal Teams!