Our 2020 donors are giving healing to our community by supporting PBJ Connections in providing professional behavioral health therapy for children, adults, and families through horses, counseling, and nature. Thank you for all you do!


PBJ Connections Annual Sponsors

Equine Veterinary Dental Services

Rolland Insurance & Financial Services LLC

Glenda Childress

Brenda Doner

Ruth Tippett

Marnitz & Associates Insurance, Inc.

Carolyn Green


Helping Horses Help Kids – 2020 Therapy Horse Derby Sponsors


Cindy Owens



Wexner Family Charitable Fund



Ms. Anonymous


Buffalo Lodging Company





Bella Vista Equine Veterinary Services

Equine Veterinary Dental Services

Rolland & Associates

Weiler Financial

Ohio Harness Horseman’s Association

Vinton County National Bank

Animal Hospital of Pataskala

Superior Plastics

Glenda Childress

Brenda Doner

Lois Szudy



Ruth Tippet

Flecha Law

Michelle Kozel

Bob and Gina Grote

Hoskinson Co. Inc.

Licking Memorial Health Systems

Granville Milling Co.

John Sahayda


William Baker



Lyn Green

Marnitz & Associates

Alex Karap

Kaufman Dental Group

The Merck Foundation

The Balanced Hoof and Horse Inc.

Mary Potter





Rocky’s Fan Club

Brenda Doner

Kalmbach Feeds

Marcy Crisler



General Donors

Fidelity Charitable Donor-Advised Fund
Equine Veterinary Dental Services in Memory of “Butler”
Mid-Ohio Dressage Association
Salesforce Donation Match-Kevin Potter
Verizon Foundation-  Vincent Sylvester
Brenda Doner
Equine Veterinary Dental Services in Memory of “Hollywood”
Equine Veterinary Dental Services in Memory of “Brownie”
Sally Malaret
Karen Betz
Maria Reichert
Jamie Morley
Sandra Martinez
Joanna Franks and Girl Scout Troop 5996
Jim and Prudie Taney in Honor of Andrea Kimball
Steve Kammer
Gina Petruziello
Jackie Baker-English
Craig Jones Donna Huebner Gilliotti
Tom Gregoire
Susan Puwalski
Samantha McLaughlin
Jessica Worbis
BA Jones
Karrie Craiglow
Lois Szudy
Rick Barr-Barr 26 Entertainment
Myra Sue Turner
Ann Macdonald
Nancy Maddy
Karrie Craiglow
Holly Jedlicka
Angela Moore
Jenifer Chupka
Anissa Kasarjian
Cindy Decker
Jeanne Baker
Doreen Petty

Pam Mascari

Celebrating Dia’s Birthday 

Elizabeth Bernard
Larry Mcgrath
Mary Satterfield
Erica Lewis-Davis
Beth Rolland
Glenda Childress
Charity Wallace
Jenifer Chupka
Wendy Siegel
Holly Jedlicka
Dinise Pietsch
Jeanne Baker
Sally Malaret
Holly Dabelko-Shoeny
Penny Krug Larry Mcgrath
Valeri Sicke
Larry Turner
Diane Stevens
Holly Jedlicka
Annie Davis
Jean Sylvester
Beck Snyder
Kelsey Prior
Joy Copeland
Barbara Dixon
Glenda Childress
Ruth Tippett
Nancy Carney
Lois Szudy


The Big Give hosted by The Columbus Foundation

The Big Give 2020 Bonus Pool Fund

Daniel Henley
Mary Chory – in Memory of Mary Landers King
Gretchen Kyle
Kathy Bower
Mary Beth Meuse
Lindsey Nessler
Valerie Pervo
Elexis Ryan-In Honor of Rocky
Rebecca Snyder – in Honor of Frank Goode – Happy Father’s Day!
Lisa Parry-in Memory of Andrew Williams
Kathleen Hegedorn – In Memory of Miquelina Hagedorn
Joedda Habeker
Colleen Underwood
Kim Vohs
Jennifer Chupka
Kimberly Sullivan
Ann Ciardelli
Joy Endrulas
Kelley Grant-Kelley
Erica Lewis-DavisPam Raver Howard McDonell
Debra Pryor
Grace Franklin
Myra Turner
Mary Meadows – In Honor of Jeff and Julie Reiswig
Irene Rolland
Cindy Decker
Claudia Esslinger – in Honor of Jeff and Julie Reiswig. Thank you.
Renee Buchele
Gina Grote
Barbara Johnson
Karen Scott
Julie Reiswig
Holly Jedlicka
Susan Schmidt
Rose Reising
Ruth Tippett
Glenda Childress
Kara Young
Denise Pietsch
Lois Szudy
Jean Sylvester

Recurring Workplace Donors 

Aetna Foundation-Joan Hubbell

Cardinal Health Foundation – Jody Cattell

United Way of Central Ohio



Thank you to our Community Partners

Nutrena Feed It Forward – supporting our APONY program for at risk youth in school

Rolland Insurance & Financial Services LLC – our matching partner for The Big Give

The Ian and Mimi Rolland Foundation

The Youth Advisory Council of The Columbus Medical Association Foundation – supporting our scholarship program.

The United Way of Licking County – supporting our CONNECT program to offer equine assisted psychotherapy to Licking County families

The Granville Community Foundation – supporting our APONY program for at risk youth in schools.

The Equus Foundation – supporting Rocky’s Fan Club

The Meuse Family Foundation

Harry C. Moorse – Supporting our APONY program for local students

Thank you to our families using Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile to support our program.